Intervention Order Breaches

What is an Intervention Order?

An intervention order is a court order that prohibits contact between an individual and someone they fear to protect them from further violence, intimidation, or harassment. The subject of an intervention order must obey the orders made by the court.

Breaching an Intervention Order

Receiving an intervention order is not a criminal matter and does not give the defendant a criminal record. However, if the defendant disobeys (breaches) the order, then the defendant may be charged with a criminal offence and get a criminal record.

If you have been found to have breached an Intervention Order, a court may order you to undertake an intervention program under section 13 of the Intervention Orders (Prevention of Abuse) Act 2009. If you do not comply with the intervention program order, you would then be guilty of offence that carries a maximum penalty of a fine of $1,250 and an expiation fee of $160.

There are potential defences to breaching an intervention order. Please contact us for more information.